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Humira - Week 178
12.09.13 - Week 178/Injection # 131 - Good day to you all, hope everyone is well.  I am doing fine - still nothing new to report.  I have had no side effects (that I know of) with Humira, and for the most part, all signs of P on my body are all but gone.  Even the small bumps that...
Humira - Week 175
11.12.13 - Week 175/Injection # 128.  Hey all - nothing new to update again this month.  The cold weather is back in my neck of the woods (western Canada) but things haven't gotten worse yet (thank goodness!).  Still maintaining the same regimen - I touch up the small bumps on...
Humira - Week 170
10.07.13 - Week 170/Injection 123 - Hello all....well summer is officially over and the cold weather is on the way, so I expect a slight relapse again (as usual), but I will do everything in my power to prevent this from happening.  Things are still the same since my last update, and no...
Humira - Week 165
09.03.13 - Week 165/Injection # 118 - Hope you all had a great summer...!  I missed posting in August - but that was vacation time, so I think thats ok!  Things are still pretty much the same - no changes.  The spots on my arms come and go - but they remain very small and...
Humira - Week 156
07.04.13 - Week 156/Injection 109 - Happy 4th to all my American friends!  Nothing new to update, I'm happy to say...still fairly clear of P all over, so I am satisfied with that.  Nothing more insightful to tell you except I hope these journal entries are helping some of...
Humira - Week 152
06.05.13 - Week 152/Injection# 105 - Hey folks, I'm back - and I'm happy to report that the plaques on my arms are all but gone!  Now this tells me a couple of things...first, I'm sure the end of the cold and dry season has some bearing on this - plus more exposure to...
Humira - Week 147
05.02.13 - Week 147/Injection #100 - Sorry about missing my update last month folks, but things are still pretty much the same.  Plaques on my arms are still there, and as we come out of the colder weather, I'm hoping they will calm down a bit.  Starting a new regimen of digestive...
Humira - Week 139
03.04.13 - Week #139/Injection #92 - No big changes at this time.  Lesions on arms still there, but I have still not started a new detox program yet - so that could change by my next update.  Busy time of year so I have cut back on my gym time to 3 times a week.  That'll...
The actual feeling i have right now.
I am choked. I havent really been paying a ton of attention to my skin, only with the meds. But I looked at the picture I took a couple of days before my cyclosporine treatment.Compared to the photo, I am almost clear. I looked in the bathroom, and I almost started crying. I havent seen...
Humira - Week 135
02.06.13 - Week 135/Injection #88 - Happy February!  Not much to report this month either - lesions on my arms are still there, however haven't gotten any better or worse - same ol, same ol.  Missed an injection last week due to some insurance issues, but back on track...

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